SANcheck ABEL Vet Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Design for Dog and Cat
Small blood sample required
5 seconds quick testing
Made in Taiwan


SANCheck ABEL Vet Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides pet owners with a simple, quick, and accurate blood glucose testing solution for their beloved furry friends. The test strip box includes coding cards for both cats and dogs. By updating the monitor's parameters with the coding card, it adapts to the specific pet type for testing. Utilizing the same electrochemical technology as medical glucose meters and featuring an automatic strip ejection design, it delivers precise results and a comfortable user experience for your pets!
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 Blood Glucose Strip
 Model Number  BK4-G-P
 Principle  Electrochemistry
 Test Sample  Marginal ear vein: Dogs & Cats
 Paw pad: Dogs & Cats
 Leg callus: usually Dogs
 Inner or Outer lip: only Dogs
 Hematocrit range  25% – 60%
 Measuring Time  5 seconds
 Measuring Range  20 – 600 mg/dL  (1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L)
 Sample Volume  0.7 μL
 Memory  460 Test Results