Diabetes Care

BeneCheck Knight Blood Glucose & β-ketone (BHB) Monitoring System

BC0100, BC010D
Dual Function: Blood Glucose, β-ketone (BHB)
HCT calibration (broader hematocrit range)
Bluetooth (BC010D, optional)
Large screen
GKI calculation
ISO 13485
CE certificate
Made in Taiwan


BeneCheck Knight Blood Glucose & β-ketone (BHB) Monitoring System is a CE-certified medical device that accurately measures both blood glucose and ketones. With Hematocrit calibration technology, it eliminates interference from blood cells for precise results across a wide hematocrit range. Featuring a large, easy-to-read screen, it automatically calculates GKI (Glucose-Ketone Index), aiding ketogenic diet users in assessing their body's fat-burning state. The device allows for customizable measurements before or after meals, providing convenience and flexibility.
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 Blood Glucose Strip
 Blood β-ketone Strip
 Model Number  BK-SG1  BK-SK1
 Principle  Electrochemistry  Electrochemistry
 Test Sample  Fingertip, Venous Blood  Fingertip
 Hematocrit range  0% – 70%  20% – 60%
 Measuring Time  5 seconds  10 seconds
 Measuring Range  20 – 600 mg/dL
 (1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L)
 0.58 – 46.48 mg/dL
 (0.1 – 8.0 mmol/L)
 Sample Volume  0.7 μL  1.0 μL
 Memory  800 Test Results  200 Test Results
 Others  Glucose dehydrogenase,